Cantaloupe Recalled Due to Salmonella Contamination

November 24, 2023 Canada

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Fresh Start Foods, a trusted supplier of fresh produce, has issued a voluntary recall of its Cantaloupe products distributed in Alberta and British Columbia. The recall is in response to potential Salmonella contamination, presenting a risk to public health.

Affected Product:

  • Brand: Fresh Start Foods
  • Product: Cantaloupe
  • Size: 3 Count
  • Code on Product (Julian Dates): 296, 297, 298, 299, 300, 301, 303, 304
  • UPC: Contains 6 20868 12079 7

Distribution: The affected Cantaloupe products were distributed to hotels, restaurants, and institutions in Alberta and British Columbia.

The recall is initiated as a precautionary measure following concerns of potential Salmonella contamination detected during routine testing. Salmonella can cause severe illness, particularly in vulnerable populations such as the elderly, young children, and individuals with weakened immune systems.

Consumers, especially those in hotels, restaurants, and institutions, are strongly advised not to use, sell, serve, or distribute the recalled Cantaloupe products. If you have purchased any of the affected items, please return them to the place of purchase or dispose of them immediately.

About Salmonella: Salmonella infection may lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, nausea, and vomiting. In more severe cases, the infection can spread to the bloodstream, causing more serious illnesses. If you suspect you have consumed the recalled product and are experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical attention promptly.

Fresh Start Foods is collaborating closely with regulatory authorities to investigate the source of the contamination and take appropriate measures to address the issue promptly.


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