Affiliate With Us

Local and National Government and Non-Governmental Organizations/Food Industry and other stakeholders are welcome to collaborate with us and work together

  1. To expand the network to educate, empower food consumers worldwide to shift our food systems consumer-centric,
  2. Building awareness, consumer education about best food safety practices of different food products thereby reducing food safety risks
  3. To encourage to report food issues to participate in continuous improvement of food products,
  4. To reduce food waste and to build awareness about food security and consumer rights, thereby ensuring food security in our community.

Benefits of Affiliation

  1. Food safety and transparency are vital to all consumers, food businesses, and food regulators Consumers want to be confident that the food they buy and eat is what they expect, know what it is made, where it is come from,  and that it will cause them no harm. Consumer confidence and trust are very important for food businesses.
  2. Food safety affects all consumers. It is the responsibility of all food businesses, no matter how large or small, to ensure anyone who is importing, exporting, manufacturing, processing, treating, preserving, grading, packaging, or labeling the food has not compromised food safety.
  3. Working together to introduce  innovative technologies, prevent foodborne diseases, outbreaks and  rapidly remove unsafe food from the market when incidents reported among consumers
  4. Working together for continuous improvement of food products and acceptance of new products meeting the expectation and demands of the diverse consumers
  5. Global food products are facing  threat, vulnerability, and  different food fraud in the global market due to complex supply chain  leads to  decline confidence and trust in consumers
  6. The need  to reduce food wastage among end consumers to educate the value of food, impact on climate change, and healthy eating
  7. Food affordability, healthy dietary practices, and resource management policies  require  healthy eating and food security  in low-income populations
  8. The acceptance and impacts among consumers about  new foods such as alternative proteins, low and non-alcohol, CBD, and hemps
  9. Respect and understand  the ethical, dietary, demands, and consumer rights on food products and fair trade.

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