Supermarket Plagued with Rats Shut Down for 48 Hours : New Zealand

February 10, 2024

In order to combat a persistent rat infestation, Countdown Dunedin South announces a temporary closure of its doors for 48 hours, starting from 10 pm Friday. The decision follows the recent capture of four additional rodents within the premises, despite ongoing pest control efforts. This development underscores the challenges faced by the supermarket in maintaining food safety standards and highlights the urgency of addressing the issue effectively.

Rat Troubles Persist:

Countdown Dunedin South has been grappling with a rodent problem for several months, prompting concerted efforts by Woolworths New Zealand, the parent company, to tackle the issue. Despite collaborative endeavors with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and pest control contractor Rentokil, the resurgence of rodent activity indicates a need for more comprehensive measures.

Woolworths New Zealand emphasizes its commitment to prioritizing food safety and announces the closure of Countdown Dunedin South to implement additional pest control measures. The decision reflects a proactive stance in managing the issue and underscores the importance of ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for customers and staff alike. The involvement of additional pest control contractors and collaboration with the Dunedin City Council demonstrate a coordinated response to the challenge at hand.

Customer Impact and Apology:

The temporary closure, while necessary, is acknowledged to inconvenience customers, and Woolworths New Zealand extends its apologies for any distress caused. The company reassures customers that efforts are underway to swiftly address the situation, with plans to reopen the store on Monday morning following thorough implementation of enhanced pest control measures.

The recurrence of rat sightings despite previous pest control efforts underscores the severity of the situation and raises concerns among the community. Reports of rodents in various sections of the supermarket, including the deli and children’s fruit basket, highlight the gravity of the issue and the need for comprehensive remediation efforts.

As Countdown Dunedin South navigates the challenges posed by the rat infestation, the closure serves as a reminder of the importance of robust pest control measures in ensuring food safety and maintaining consumer trust. The incident prompts reflection on the efficacy of existing pest management strategies and underscores the need for ongoing vigilance in safeguarding public health.

The closure of Countdown Dunedin South underscores the seriousness of the rat infestation issue and the commitment of Woolworths New Zealand to address it promptly. As the supermarket implements additional pest control measures, stakeholders remain vigilant in their efforts to restore public confidence and uphold food safety standards in the community.

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