Panache Brand Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce Recalled Due to Undeclared Cashew

November 16, 2023 Canada

Panache - Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce - 400 mL - front

The Panache brand Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce is being recalled due to a critical food allergen – cashew – not being declared on the label. This poses a potential risk to individuals who are allergic or sensitive to tree nuts.

Affected Areas: The recall applies to products distributed in the following provinces:

  • Alberta
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Possibly other provinces and territories

Action Steps:

  1. Do Not Consume:
    • If you are allergic or sensitive to tree nuts, do not consume the recalled Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce.
    • Allergic reactions to undeclared allergens can be serious or life-threatening.
  2. Check Your Products:
    • Examine your pantry and check if you have the affected product.
    • Look for the Panache brand Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce.
  3. Discontinue Use:
    • Do not serve, use, sell, or distribute the recalled products.
    • Discontinue use immediately to prevent any potential health risks.
  4. Product Disposal:
    • Either throw out the recalled product in a secure manner or return it to the store where it was purchased.
    • Proper disposal is crucial to ensure the safety of consumers.

The recall extends to multiple provinces and territories, emphasizing the importance of checking products in all affected regions. This recall serves as a reminder to always be vigilant about food labels, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities. Immediate action is crucial to avoid any adverse health effects.

For more information, consumers can contact the store where the product was purchased or the Panache brand’s customer service.


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