Pak’nSave plain bread rolls are being recalled by Pak’nSave Hornby because it may contain extraneous matter

October 17, 2022 New Zealand

Pak’nSave A certain batch of Plain Bread Rolls manufactured in-store by Pak’nSave is being recalled by Hornby because they may include extraneous materials (hard clear glass or plastic).

Product Details:

Product type Plain Bread Rolls
Name of product (size) Pak’nSave Hornby made in store Plain Bread Rolls (6 Pack & 18 Pack)
Batch marking Packed on 11.10.22
Date marking Best Before Date: 13.10.22
Package size and description The product is sold in a 6 Pack & 18 Pack plastic bag.
Distribution The product was sold in Pak’nSave Hornby.
Notes This recall does not affect any other made in-store products. Please check your freezer for this product.

Consumer Advice:

Customers are urged to look at the product’s date stamp on the label.
Consuming the affected product is not advised. Although there haven’t been any complaints of injuries related to this product, you should still seek medical assistance if you’ve consumed any of it and have any worries about your health. For a complete refund, customers should return the item(s) to Pak’nSave Hornby.
Pak’nSave Hornby can be reached if you have any questions: Address: 418 Main South Road, Hornby, Christchurch; Phone: 03 349 8145

For further information related to this recall, please visit the following link.


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