Saudi Authorities Responded to Mayonnaise Contamination, Ensuring Public Safety

May 16, 2024 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia recalls contaminated mayonnaise after food poisoning kills one

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority has initiated a nationwide recall for BON TUM mayonnaise following recent food poisoning incidents.

The contamination, identified as the bacterium “Clostridium botulinum,” was initially discovered in mayonnaise used at Hamburgini restaurant in Riyadh. Subsequently, the same contaminant was found in products of the BON TUM brand at a manufacturing facility.

In response, the ministry has taken decisive actions, halting the distribution of the implicated mayonnaise and ordering its recall from all markets and food establishments across the Kingdom. Production at the manufacturing facility has also been stopped to implement necessary regulatory measures.

To ensure comprehensive safety measures, all remaining product batches from the facility, regardless of production lines and expiry dates, are being recalled. Customers, including restaurants and food establishments, have been instructed to dispose of any stock of the product they possess.

The ministry, in collaboration with the Food and Drug Authority and other relevant local authorities, continues to conduct extensive monitoring, investigation, and regulatory campaigns to safeguard the safety of food products offered to consumers throughout the cities of the Kingdom.

In light of these developments, the ministry and related authorities emphasize the importance of relying on official sources for information and urge the public to avoid spreading or falling for rumors and inaccurate news.

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