Recall of Value Brand Lemonade Due to Phenylalanine Packaging Error

December 6, 2023 New Zealand

In a precautionary measure, Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd has announced the recall of a specific batch of its Value brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink (1.5L) due to a packaging error. The affected batch, labeled as BATCH 2059 with a Best Before date of 16/06/24, contains the Value brand Diet Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink, which includes phenylalanine. This mislabeling poses a potential health risk, particularly for individuals with phenylketonuria disorder.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Soft Drink
  • Name: Value brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink (1.5L)
  • Batch Marking: BATCH 2059
  • Date Marking: Best Before 16/06/24
  • Package Size: 1.5L plastic bottle

The affected product has been distributed to New World, PAK’nSAVE, Four Square, On the Spot, and Trents stores throughout the South Island. The recall is limited to this region, and no exports of the product have been made.

Consumer Advisory: Customers are urged to check the batch and date mark located on the neck of the bottle. Those with phenylketonuria disorder should refrain from consuming the product, as phenylalanine can pose health risks for individuals with this condition. If consumed and there are concerns about health, immediate medical advice is recommended.

Recall Procedure: Customers without phenylketonuria disorder can return the product to the retailer for a full refund. However, individuals with phenylketonuria disorder are advised to return the product promptly to their retailer for a full refund.Retailers are required to display the provided point of sale notice in their stores for one month to inform customers about the recall.

Download Point of Sale Notice – Value brand Lemonade Flavoured Soft Drink (PDF, 60KB)

Contact Information: For further information or queries, consumers can contact Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd:

  • Phone: 0800 24 51 14
  • Address: 35 Landing Drive, Mangere, Auckland.

Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd is taking these measures to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers. The company emphasizes its commitment to product quality and encourages affected customers to reach out for assistance or refunds.


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