Koko Black Premium Pty Ltd Chocolate Products Recall due to Undeclared Allergen

August 15, 2023 Australia

Koko Black Premium Pty Ltd Chocolate products

Koko Black Premium Pty Ltd is initiating a recall of certain chocolate products due to an important safety concern. This recall applies exclusively to products that have failed to declare a specific allergen, posing a potential risk to individuals with allergies or intolerances to soy.

Problem: The recall has been prompted by the inadvertent omission of soy as an allergen on the product labels. People who are allergic to or intolerant of soy may experience adverse reactions if they consume these products.

Food Safety Hazard: Consuming these products can be hazardous to individuals with a soy allergy or intolerance. Allergic reactions can range from mild discomfort to severe symptoms, and in extreme cases, can be life-threatening.

Action Required: If you are allergic to soy or have an intolerance to it, we strongly advise you to cease consumption of the aforementioned chocolate products. Instead, we urge you to take the following steps:

  1. Stop Consumption: Refrain from consuming the affected products immediately.
  2. Return for Refund: Return the products to the place of purchase (Koko Black, independent retail stores, or online) for a full refund. You will be reimbursed the full purchase amount.
  3. Contact Information: If you require further clarification or have any questions, please contact Koko Black Premium Pty Ltd through the following means:

Source: https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/industry/foodrecalls/recalls/Pages/Koko-Black-Premium-Pty-Ltd-Chocolate-products.aspx

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