Rocks Found in Easter Eggs Prompt Recall by The Warehouse Group: New Zealand

March 31, 2024

In a concerning development, The Warehouse Group, one of New Zealand’s leading retailers, has taken swift action to recall a batch of Easter eggs following reports of customers discovering “rocks” embedded within the chocolates.

The alarm was raised when a customer, Tasha Taylor, shared images on Facebook revealing the presence of “several rocks” inside the Easter Bunny Ears with Mini Eggs, purchased from a store of The Warehouse Group in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Expressing concern over the potential hazard, Taylor emphasized the risk of dental injury, particularly for children who might unknowingly bite into the eggs.

Responding to the incident, The Warehouse Group’s spokesperson, Ryan Murphy, confirmed that an investigation is currently underway. “We really appreciated this customer letting us know about this issue straight away. We have removed the product from our shelves as a precaution while we investigate this further,” Murphy stated.

The Warehouse Group reassured customers of its commitment to product safety and quality assurance. Murphy emphasized, “We take the safety and quality of all our products very seriously and follow rigorous processes and audits.”

Customers who have purchased the affected Easter eggs are urged to return them to their local stores for a full refund. The company extends its apologies for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the cooperation of its customers during this investigation.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident over the weekend, an Auckland resident discovered an airgun pellet inside an Easter egg purchased from a Pukekohe’s South Countdown (Woolworths) supermarket. Karl Evans, the customer affected, shared his experience, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance regarding product safety during the festive season.

As investigations continue into both incidents, consumers are reminded to remain cautious and report any abnormalities found in food products to retailers and relevant authorities promptly. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and prioritize safety this Easter season.

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