Tragedy Strikes in India: 10-Year-Old Girl Dies After Eating Cake Ordered Online On Her Birthday

April 1, 2024

A heartbreaking incident has left a family in mourning as a 10-year-old girl from Punjab passed away after consuming a cake ordered online for her birthday celebration. The young victim, Manvi, along with her entire family, fell ill shortly after consuming the cake, which was ordered from a bakery in Patiala.

According to her grandfather, Harban Lal, the family cut the cake around 7 PM on March 24, with a joyous celebration captured in a widely shared video on social media. However, by 10 PM that same night, tragedy struck as the entire family began to experience symptoms of food poisoning. Manvi and her younger sister reportedly started vomiting, with Manvi expressing extreme thirst and complaining of dryness in her mouth before eventually retiring to bed.

As the night progressed, Manvi’s health deteriorated rapidly, prompting her family to rush her to the hospital the following morning. Despite medical intervention, including oxygen support and an electrocardiogram (ECG), the young girl tragically succumbed to the suspected food poisoning.

The family has pointed fingers at the chocolate cake from ‘Cake Kanha’, alleging that it contained a poisonous substance. An FIR has been filed against the bakery owner, and investigations are underway. Postmortem procedures have been conducted, and samples from the cake have been sent for testing to ascertain the exact cause of the fatal incident.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with food consumption and the importance of stringent food safety measures. The tragic loss of Manvi underscores the devastating consequences of foodborne illnesses and the critical need for heightened vigilance in food production, handling, and distribution.

The family’s grief-stricken ordeal serves as a call to action for authorities to ensure the strict enforcement of food safety regulations and for consumers to remain vigilant about the quality and origin of the food they consume. In the wake of this tragic event, all stakeholders must prioritize efforts to prevent similar incidents and safeguard public health.

As the investigation unfolds, the community mourns the loss of a young life and stands in solidarity with Manvi’s family during this difficult time.

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