Voyager Estate Announces Recall of Sparkling Red Grape Juice Due to Safety Concerns

October 1, 2023 Australia

Voyager Estate Sparkling Red Grape Juice

Voyager Estate, a well-known Australian winery, has issued a recall for its Sparkling Red Grape Juice product due to a potential safety hazard. The recall affects customers who have purchased the product either at the Voyager Estate winery in Western Australia (WA) or online nationally.

Problem: The recall has been initiated due to an unexpected issue with the Sparkling Red Grape Juice. Unintended fermentation within the bottle has resulted in over-pressurization and a failure of the cap seal.

Food Safety Hazard: Food products with excessive carbonation can pose health risks if consumed. The presence of excess pressure within the bottle can lead to potential injuries or illnesses.

Country of Origin: The affected product, Voyager Estate Sparkling Red Grape Juice, is proudly produced in Australia.

Actions to Take:

Consumers who have purchased Voyager Estate Sparkling Red Grape Juice are urged to take the following steps:

  1. Do Not Consume the Product: For your safety, do not open or consume the Sparkling Red Grape Juice.
  2. Safely Dispose of the Product: Contact Voyager Estate for specific instructions on how to safely dispose of the product. Proper disposal is essential to prevent any potential risks to others or the environment.
  3. Arrange for Reimbursement: To address your purchase, please contact Voyager Estate to arrange for reimbursement. They will provide instructions on how to obtain a refund or a replacement for the affected product.

For Further Information:

If you have any questions, or concerns, or require additional information regarding this recall, please reach out to Voyager Estate.

Voyager Estate understands the importance of safety and is committed to resolving this issue promptly. They apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to their valued customers and are taking the necessary steps to ensure product safety in the future.

For media inquiries or additional information about this recall, please visit the official Voyager Estate website or contact the company directly.


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